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Release Notes for PayHub v1.18 – 09.21.2015

PayHub version 1.18 began on 8/31/2015, deployed to UAT on 9/16/2015, and was released to production on 9/22/2015. This sprint focused on stabilizing the gateway switch which experiences frequent connection issues and adding the functionality to send EMV messages to TSYS. The EMV work was interrupted to address system stabilization issues and is still targeting certification when ID Tech releases version 1.5 of the UniPay, expected in November

Highlights from this release

Increased stability on gateway switch - After detailed analysis of the gateway switch, which manages the communication with TSYS, a critical issue was identified and a fix deployed to production.

  • PHUB - 948 - PayHub Switch Connection Issue to Database
  • PHUB - 990 - Investigate Switch Timeout on 9/13
  • PHUB - 989 - Investigate 504 Gateway Time-out
  • PHUB - 988 - Investigate Error 1131 FAILED TO CONNECT DATABASE

EMV Messages to TSYS – We modified three new messages TSYS 1080 message sent by PayHub. The POS data code and GEN 2 terminal authentication messages are pre-requisites to send the integrated chip card message. The messages were created for upcoming sprints to map the data from the ID Tech UniPay Chip Reader. We will work with TSYS to debug any message format to ensure readiness for certification.

  • PHUB - 681 - Add Integrated Chip Card (G3v055) to VT, WS, and Switch
  • PHUB - 680 - Add TSYS POS data code (G3v027) to VT
  • PHUB - 675 - Add TSYS Gen 2 terminal authentication (G3v049) to the Switch

PayHub REST Web Service Enhancements - The last four digits of the card number and card type were added to the card_data object, the recurring billing ID field was added to the transaction report method. Response code 930 was renamed from "REQUEST TIME OUT" to "UNABLE TO PROCESS RESPONSE FROM HOST" which makes it clear when there is a setup issue rather than a connectivity issue.

  • PHUB - 852 Add cardObscured and card Type to card_data
  • PHUB - 863 Add Recurring Billing ID to transaction report Method in WS

Recurring Billing Bug Fixes – A few known issues with the Recurring Billing Scheduler and Recurring Billing method in the web service were corrected. These bug fixes will reduce the issues integrators experience when working with PayHub's recurring billing platform. The updates to the web service have been applied to the SDK which was deployed to production 09.01.2015.

  • PHUB-910 Recurring Billing Charges more than once a month depending on transaction date
  • PHUB-865 Recurring Billing Scheduler Bug Fixes
  • PHUB-864 Recurring Billing Web Service Bug Fixes