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Release Notes – PayHub v1.16 - 07.23.2015

Release Notes - Summarized changes made to PayHub v1.16. Note bug fixes are cumulative and include previous bug fixes in subsequent update versions.

Bug Fix - A bug fix is a change to a system or product identified both internally or by users. To report a bug:


PayHub version 1.16 began 07.01.2015, deployed for testing 07.16.2015, and released to production 07.23.2015. This sprint started the development of the EMV initiative; created a test application which successfully read an EMV card using the ID Tech BTPay200 and completed a number of defects in the RESTful V2 Web Services API.

Highlights from this release

  1. Create ID Tech Android or PC EMV Test Application - Used the ID Tech EMV SDK to update and install a demo application and confirmed we can successfully process EMV test cards provided in the test tool kit. This software will have further updates in coming sprints to connect to the PayHub API to deliver the EMV data.

  2. Resolved Issues Processing Swiped Transactions via API - Resolved an issue where the API validation didn't properly accept valid Track Data, and removed the need for address information on swiped transactions.

  3. Added cardObscured and cardType to GET Responses in API - As requested by our integrators we have updated the GET methods to include the cardObscured which displays the last 4 digits of the card number, and cardType which displays the card brand.

Additional updates for this release

Bug Fixes

PHUB-667 - email_address Case Sensitive in PAYHUB-WS

PHUB-664 – Improve reliability of the Checkout Interface.