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Payment Disruptors at South By Southwest

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Either you went to SXSW 2015 and are still recovering from the frantic pace, trying to remember the face that goes with each business card you collected; or, you didn’t go and you’re reading all the hype about it and wishing you had. Well, you should have. Epic doesn’t even begin to describe all that is SXSW, and the PayHub crew was out in full force at this amazing event.


Our mission? To educate innovative startups and developers on how they can easily and effectively add additional revenue streams into their software and apps. We know partnerships and integrations are often anxiety points for startups. Usually, one of the main differentiators for a new company is that they are passionate about customer service. The most effective way to ease the anxiety of partnerships is simple; partner with a brand that values the client as much as you do. That’s where we come in.


In an industry not often recognized for its softer side, PayHub strives to add an authentic human element to merchant services. We understand sometimes you just want to pick up the phone and talk to a real live human being. Is that really so difficult? To say the reception we received at SXSW was overwhelming would be selling it a bit short. The fact is we created a buzz that was greater than we ever expected.


We went to Austin as a merchant services company to seek out and learn about the disruptors only to realize we’re one of them. We left excited about the future, armed with some very innovative ideas. Stay tuned as we continue to develop exciting new ways to securely support the future of payments. Oh yeah, and as we continue to be the disruptors.

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Ten years in payments and a BA in business administration Kelly still feels as inspired today as she did the first time she found out merchants had to pay to accept credit cards. It was that day she decided to learn everything she could about the vast payments space and hasn’t stopped since. She started by working for an ISV and switched sides with a quest: To guide ISVs through the payments space with transparency. When she isn’t looking for those perfect, mutually-beneficial relationships she is playing legos with her boys or desperately trying to hold a yoga pose.